We fully commit to agile. However, we also recognize the reality:

Not every group can be motivated, experienced, and skilled enough to self-organize into an efficient team. You need to work with the staff you have.

A clean code development takes time you don’t have. You sit on a fragile legacy code you are afraid to touch. Continuous delivery stays just your wishful thinking.

Software code is like a book which tells the story of your business process. which is being written by many authors. Well written books read well and their are easy to change.

However, less experienced authors or those authors being under a time pressure write a poor text. They spoil the story and the book becomes hard to understand and even harder to change - so called Technical Debt creeps into the software:

The winners in the digital world understand and drive the above dynamics. They have realized that every software change is a chance to fulfill three kinds of need:

Follow the K@R loop and design engineering work assignments (who does what) to fit into the intersection of the three backlogs:

Start where you are and start today. Explore our toolbox and follow the success path of our clients.

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