Our toolbox bridges the gap between illusion and reality of a digitization:

Understand the digital drivers

K@R game

Our board game is designed to foster a common understanding of IT productivity and digitization issues inside management teams.

Players (no technical background required) will experience the dynamics of IT productivity hands-on and learn what it takes to meet the best possible productivity target.

Assess your digital fitness

K@R tool

Our cloud software is designed to rapidly assess the digital fitness of your engineering teams. It is basically a survey-tool which uncovers reasons to your IT productivity level.

You will be presented charts with actionable information without getting technical at all. The action is yours to take.

K@R sourcing canvas

Our canvas will help you design a new sourcing deal, or to review an existing one. On a single one-pager you will find all the relevant aspects of any IT-sourcing deal which will directly point you to the key insights.

The simplicity of our canvas is what makes it so successful. Do not get trapped into tons of contracts. Simple is beautiful. Read on...

K@R sourcing canvas v1.4.pdf

Improve your IT productivity

K@R success formula

With our success formula you will bridge the gap between the illusion and the reality by understanding the dynamics of real world software engineering projects.

K@R poker

With our poker you will foster a common understanding between Business and IT at a single feature level and prior to an implementation. This saves you from producing waste caused by poor Business/IT alignment.

K@R MCO v1.2 EN.pdf

K@R loop

Our process ist designed to maintain your IT productivity at the highest possible level. With every engineering assignment you will assess the fitness of your engineering setup: Which knowledge gap and which technical debt are the major impediments to your engineering team?

With this information you will help your team to eliminate the impediments by making smart staffing/scoping choices. Due to a sustainable backlog handling the team motivation grows and the K@R success formula finds its way into your organizational DNA.

Supplementary material